Thursday, March 30, 2017

Brit calls for UK Soldiers in Israeli Army to Be Prosecuted as Foreign Fighters

A new acronym for you "JINO's", Jews in Name Only

British volunteers who join the Israeli army are foreign fighters and should be prosecuted as such on their return to the UK, according to Baroness Sayeeda Warsi. Lady Warsi, one-time chairman of the Conservative Party and Britain’s first Muslim cabinet minister, made her call in an interview with Middle East Eye (MEE). It came on the same day she published a book, The Enemy Within, in which she said there are clear distinctions under UK law between Muslims who went to fight for non-state groups and militant organisations, and British citizens who volunteered to fight for Israel. Lady Warsi seeks to close a gap she says is designed to protect Israel. The former foreign office minister, who now holds the title of baroness in the House of Lords, claims it distinguishes between Britons who fight for state armies like Israel and Pakistan and those who fight for non-state groups like Kurdish and militant organisations. She said: “One of the questions I asked the Foreign Office was that we have a distinction between state actors and non-state actors. “If you go out there and fight for any group, you will be subject to prosecution when you get back. If you go out and fight for Assad, I presume, under our law, that is okay. That can’t be right.”  Read more....

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