Wednesday, February 1, 2017

General Michael Flynn puts Iran on Notice, following missile launch and attacks in Persian Gulf

Finally we have a President at the White House who will stand up to the biggest sponsor of terrorism in the Middle East--Iran.  Just today General Michael Flynn, Trump's National Security Advisor announced the Trump administration was putting Iran on notice.  He was responding to the Houthi Rebel's attack on a Saudi warship in the Persian Gulf and the most recent Iranian launching of an intermediate range missile---just one of many since the signing of the Iranian Nuke deal.  Former President Barack Obama said little about the Iranian Missile launching which are a clear violation of that agreement and refused to take any action against the Islamic Republic even after they captured an American Patrol Boat and humiliated the crew.  Apparently President Trump has drawn a red line---a real one this time----and told Iran not to cross it.

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