Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Palestinian Flag Flies at Jewish Summer Camp

Nothing sums up the self-hatred and treasonous inclinations at the heart of a Israel supporter like a Palestinian flag flapping in the breeze above a Jewish summer camp: 

Camp Solomon Schechter in Olympia was forced to apologize after including a Palestinian flag as part of its daily flag-raising ceremony on Thursday and Friday while hosting a group of 14 children from the Israeli organization Kids4Peace. The group included Christian and Muslim Palestinian boys and girls from Jerusalem. 

Raising the flag of blood-soaked terrorists bent on eradicating Jews supposedly “helped develop empathy” and was a “teachable moment.” It did teach quite a lot about this conservative. 

According to its webpage, Camp Solomon Schechter offers a “spiritual Jewish environment based upon the ideals of the Conservative movement.” Thus the push-back that required the apology; if only liberals were involved, no one would have objected.   Thanks to Moonbattery

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