Saturday, August 5, 2017

Donald Trump: Two huge murals by Australian artist Lushsux appear on West Bank barrier

Two murals believed to be by Australian graffiti artist Lushsux — the artist behind a controversial mural in Melbourne of a sexed-up Hillary Clinton — showing an oversized US President Donald Trump have appeared on Israel's West Bank separation barrier.

The new drawings popped up on the edge of Bethlehem, the Palestinian city where the barrier largely consists of a wall of towering slabs of concrete.
In one scene, Mr Trump is shown hugging and kissing a real Israeli army watchtower built into the wall, as his left arm reaches around the tower — and little pink hearts flutter from Mr Trump's mouth.
In another drawing, he is depicted wearing a Jewish skullcap and placing a hand a wall — a scene taken from the President's May visit to Jerusalem's Western Wall, the holiest site where Jews can pray.
A cartoon thought bubble next to him reads, "I'm going to build you a brother", a possible reference to Trump's plans to build a wall between the US and Mexico.

The murals were signed "lushsux", and the artist has shared photos from the mural site on social media.
Several media outlets earlier speculated the murals may have been the work on Banksy — they are just metres from where the elusive artist decorated a hotel earlier this year.

"The Walled Off Hotel" is a Palestinian-run guest house that sarcastically bills itself as having the "worst view in the world".
Lushsux has courted controversy in Australia — his graffiti walls of celebrity memes and nude selfies have fallen foul of council authorities, who regularly paint over his work in the name of public decency.  Thanks to ABC

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