Sunday, February 19, 2017

How the Anti-Semitic Media Reports the News

This old friend of Israel has seen many sun rises and sun sets and noticed a slow, but nevertheless discernible change in the way the media reports the news coming out of the Middle East.  Many years back the reports were slanted toward the only truly democratic state in that region---that's as it should be.  Now however, the poles have reversed and the media reports coming from that area and indeed the rest of the entire globe have taken a decidedly anti-Jewish and anti-Israel position.  Indeed with many even referring to Israel as an apartheid state like that of the old South African regime.  While the media does little to condemn the fact that almost all of the states in that part of the world are Islamic in nature, they soundly protest against those in Israel who would maintain a Jewish State.  Make no mistake---just as Jews were hated in Nazi Germany, they are similarly hated by many in Europe, the ivy-covered institutions of higher learning in America and in the newsrooms of the elite media in the USA and across the western world.  To most of that mindset, they would consider it a favor if the Jews in Israel would abandon their land, join hands and walk quietly into the sea.  Just as they walked into the gas chambers in WWII.  

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