Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The American Progressive left sees Israel as a Zionist Apartheid State

There is little doubt how the American Progressive left sees the Jewish state of Israel.  Just go on almost any university campus in America and you can almost smell the hate coming from the quad and the classrooms where liberal professors are indoctrinating the youth of this country to loath Israel and warmly embrace it's peace-loving Arab neighbors.  Neighbors who simply want their freedom from the infidel Goliath who has enslaved them since it's bastard birth in 1948.  Not my words, put the hateful rhetoric spewed by Jew-hating, Arab-loving progressive professors on our college campuses.  The people of Israel need to wake up and see, the election of Hillary Clinton will just be another nail in the coffin of what until this day had been good Israel-American relations, with Israel being America's strongest and best ally in the Middle East.  That day is slipping away.    

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